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Celwyn's Amtgard page
Members of Solstice

Summer 2002 coronation
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Members of Solstice
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Feast of Fools 2002


Here are some photos of members of the Shire of Solstice.

Lady Astrea and Lord Muerte
Our Prime Minister and Sheriff at Quals

Lord Muerte the Magnificent is our Current Sheriff
Lady Astrea is our Chancellor

You can reach Lady Astrea at

Sheriff Lord Muerte and Regent Lauremont
Our Sherriff and Regent at Quals


He's our regent!

Yoshi and Astrea at Quals
Yoshi our champion and Astrea fight at Quals Tourney

Kiyoshi Kuma is our Champion

He can be reached at

Celwyn in Plate
Me, wearing some plate and studded leather armor

My Armor

My armor elicits the most comments and compliments, the second thing people often ask about is my shield design.
The armor was a hand-me-down from a dear friend who fights at Darkon, Queen Keira of Sarum.