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Medieval Crafts and Garb

Summer 2002 coronation
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Medieval Crafts and Garb
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My interests in crafts include painting celtic and other medieval designs.  I mainly paint wood: trinket boxes, bowls, cups or signs but am branching out to work with clays as well.  (I also painted my shield). I find acrylic paint gives good coverage.  I like to finish my work with Future floor polish, I picked up that little hint from someone who paints minatures.  It makes the piece nice and shiny.
I also do some garbing for myself and others, but I've included merchants that I frequently below.  You may see me as a model in some of these photos.

Pillaged village has great trim and good prices on feast gear.  Also, excellent customer service.

Darkfire Artisans
specializing in medieval and fantasy LARP accessories, including leather armor and chainmail

Tara's Treasures
Costumes and accessories for reenactment, SCA, Ren Faire and live-action fantasy.

NemRei Medieval Shop
Costumes and props for men and women